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If you’ve been to one of our other races in the Narragansett Beer Race series, we know how to put on a party. But what makes this one special is that it’s actually in our Tap Room, and we have full access to our complete tap line-up! Join us at our home at the Narragansett Brewery itself for a finish-line party like no other! 

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To give you the full ‘Gansett experience, the first beer is included in your race entry! After that, feel free to open up a tab and enjoy the best taproom in Rhode Island!

What's On Tap?

Bohemian Pilsner

5.5% abv – Czech Style Pilsner

This beer is light in body, slightly hoppy and has a clean flavor from Saaz hops, straight from the Czech Republic.

Polotmavy 12º

5.1% abv – Czech Amber Lager

Literally translated to “half dark”. Notes of toastiness, bread and a hint of caramel make this the perfect winter lager. More predominant malt profile than our Czech Pilsner while still allowing the Saaz hops to shine through. Light bodied, easy drinking, and wonderfully complexed.


5% abv – Dark Lager

Don’t be fooled by the dark color. This German style dark lager is superbly crisp and clean with hints of light roastiness followed by notes of biscuit and toast. Slight bitterness from the German hops round everything out for a perfectly balanced and easy drinking winter lager.

Barrel-Aged Big Dumb Stout

12% abv – Imperial Stout

Rich and decadent. This heavy-bodied stout is brewed with Maris Otter and a variety of dark malts, imparting notes of chocolate, toffee and molasses. Aged in bourbon barrels.

Fresh Catch

4.2% abv – Session IPA

Golden ale hopped with citra for notes of grapefruit and citrus. Light on the palate. Brewed to be the perfect pairing with whitefish or shellfish.

Li'L Dinghy Hard Seltzer

5% abv – Rotating selection.

Musik Express

6.3% abv – NE IPA

Our Flagship IPA to pay tribute to the classic ride at Rocky Point Park. El Dorado and Waimea Hops give way for notes of grapefruit & papaya. Pleasant hop bitterness up front, with a juicy, tropical finish.


11.8% abv – Barleywine

Malt forward with notes of toffee and caramel. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to the Alex Kidd Cancer Fund.

Morgul Blade

5.8% abv – Rice Lager

Conditioned on Spanish Cedar A delicate and elegant lager with a badass name. This dry and crisp lager brewed with rice has a subtle and nuanced malt flavor bolstered by a slight and pleasant hop bitterness. The Spanish cedar imparts a complexed and distinct wood flavor reminiscent of white pepper and sandalwood.


4.7% abv – Danish Lager

(pronounced Ya-Koh-Bean-ah)

Inspired by the crisp and impeccable lagers that have been brewed in Denmark for centuries. Clean and refreshing with a subtle balanced malt sweetness that is accentuated by Northern European hops. 

I am PVD - Anchovy Edition!

8.2% abv- NE IPA

This iteration of our DIPA has been double dry hopped with Anchovy, the absolutely delicious west coast hop with a weird name.
These hops are busting with notes of lemon candy, watermelon and raspberry.


5.0% abv – English Porter

Traditional English Porter brewed with malt and hops from the UK. Notes of chocolate, toasted bread and a hint of brown sugar.

Hanley's Peerless Ale

5.2% abv- Pale Ale (English)

Our version is a classic English style pale ale. We brewed this with ingredients from the UK including maris otter barley and East Kent Golding hops. The earthy herbal british hops are beautifully balanced by the unique richness and slight nutty character of the malt.

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